domenica, febbraio 06, 2011

Different moments...

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  1. Ciao, Rosa! Sembra Igor goduto di essere coccolati. Ama il piccolo fiore, si guarda bene su Igor!

    My Dogspot

  2. Oh, I love the photos of Igor! Sorry, I haven't been here recently, but was unable to access the Pet Pride site! Good to be back! Hope you're both doing well cara Myriam!!


  3. What a great looking dog! It looks kind of like a lion!

    Stopping by from Pet Pride.

  4. Ohh that photograph of him having a shower made me laugh! So cute! Wow, you really must take a long time in washing and drying all that hair! Love the last pic with the flower on his forehead.

    Hope you are having a lovely week, Myriam!

  5. ahhh! cuteness, what a good lookin' pup. Love the pictures :)


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