sabato, luglio 13, 2013

Shades of love...

Parents of human children rarely admit to others that they have a favorite. 
In my opinion, it’s probably not because they don’t feel a deeper bond with one of their kids. 
Every human being is a unique individual. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, to feel different things for different people.

Igor - 19 agosto 2010
One might say there are as many " shades of love " as there are stars in the night sky. 
So it’s a perfectly natural, human thing to have a favorite child, but most parents won’t admit it because the backlash can be brutal. 
Recently, one dad blogger received the internet equivalent of being burned at the stake after he confessed to having a favorite child. 
Society says we’re not supposed to play favorites with our kids. And that goes for our pets, too.

Ching Martino - 2013
The reality is that some kids and pets are closer to our hearts than others. 
We may not understand why, but we know it’s true. It is what it is. 
That doesn’t mean it doesn’t create feelings of guilt. We think we should be able to love them all exactly the same, and we feel bad because we don’t. We can’t change what we feel, though, no matter how much we might want to.

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  1. I loved all my dogs, each one has or had their own personalities. Great post and cute photos.

  2. I have had several dogs, and quite a few cats, during my life, but I had one special cat who will always be in my heart, and I speak of him often. Our dog, Lindy, is very special, because she has changed us from a couple into a family.
    You will always remember Igor in a special way, but that doesn't mean you can't love Martino.
    You're so right, everyone is unique, and we all feel different things for different people.


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