martedì, maggio 05, 2009

My world...tuesday

domenica 03.05.09 : uno spruzzo di colore
domenica 03.05.09 : un volo libero
domenica 03.05.09 : un attimo di relax
giovedì 30.04.09 : the black hills

7 commenti:

  1. is that a real dog? he looks like a lion at first look:) amazing photos you got here.

  2. Pretty yellow flower. and I like the bare leafless tree. Nice Photos.

  3. For Marites :
    Yes, Igor is real dog !
    Thanks for compliments :-)

    For Glennis :
    Thank you so much :-)

  4. Really nice photos! The dog is wonderful! I really like the tree and flowers and the crazy fliers, too.

  5. Thank s very much Bettyl.-
    Welcome in the my blog.-


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