domenica, novembre 28, 2010

Good morning...

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Hello my friends,
oggi in città è una giornata bruttissima.... piove e fà molto freddo !
La mia mamma umana, stamattina mi ha messo la medicina nell'occhio e mi ha dato l'antibiotico per bocca.
Mi ha poi fatto mangiare della pasta scondita insieme alle mie crocchette.
Ed ora, per farmi stare al caldo, questa mattina mi permette di dormire in casa sui suoi tappeti....  sapete in fabbrica, quando non si lavora, i riscaldamenti sono spenti...
L'operazione all'occhio è andata bene, la carne non è più gonfia... ho soltanto una piccola ulcerazione all'interno dell'occhio, che piano piano stà guarendo grazie alle gocce che, per 4 volte al giorno devo mettere.
Notate che non ho il cappello ?
Bhe, la mia mamma me lo ha tolto "solo" per questa mattina, poi quando ritorno in fabbrica, me lo devo rimettere !!!
Adesso ho tanto sonno... per questo vi saluto e ringrazio tutti i miei amici di zampa, che durante tutto questo periodo mi hanno pensato, pregato e salutato all'interno di questo blog di mamma.

ciao da Igor :)

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  1. Igor, Guess What ? I think you might be a cat because you look like a lion !!!

    And Congratulation !!! No more Dog's Collar you can have a nap proper one : )

  2. Hi Igor, we are so happy that you are feeling better. Purrs from all of us.

  3. Dormi bene, poverino, hope you eye will heal quickly and you will be "in gamba" again ! Pasta is always good my cat Arthur loves Spaghetti !
    Anche qui fa molto freddo oggi - 5° !

  4. Ho letto il testo in italiano è poi I had it translated by Google just for fun : The result is hilarious !

    "Hello my friends,
    Today the city is a very bad day .... It is very cold and raining!
    My human mom, this morning I put the medicine in the eye and gave me the antibiotics by mouth.
    He then had to eat plain pasta along with my kibble.
    And now, for me to stay warm, this morning I can sleep at home on his carpet factory .... you know, when you are not working, the heaters are turned off ...
    The eye operation went well, the meat is no longer swollen ... I only have a small ulcer in the eye, which is slowly recovering thanks to the drops, 4 times a day I have to put.
    Note that I have your hat?
    Well, my mom has taken me the "only" this morning, then when back at the factory, I have to forgive me!
    Now I am sleepy ... for this I salute you and thank all my friends leg, that during all this time I have thought, prayed and welcomed within this blog Mom."

  5. Looking great, Igor! Hope you have a great nap!! Ciao ciao!!

    Sam and Mojo

  6. WoW! I would be scared of that dog if I saw it out somewhere - I'm a scared-y cat of big dogs! =)

    I copied your flashing snowman deal at the top of your page & put it on mine - it looks quite different on a dark background - i like it on your page better, but oh well - it's cute! Thanks!!!

  7. Игорь,привет,малыш,у тебя замечательная мама!!!

  8. I think you look like a lion too :O) I'm so glad the operation on your eye went well xx

  9. Dear Igor, We are wishing you continued recovery. Glad your eye is getting better. Keep putting those drops in your eye!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

    Kisses from me, Cassie(the human mama) too!!

  10. Igor is adorable! Like a great doggy lion.

    I read your Google translation and had to giggle. Well said! :=}

  11. A foto-montagem com coração expressa todo o carinho de seus "papas" humanos... E ficar no aconchego do seu lar com todo estes cuidados... Você só tende a recuperar-se rapidinho! Estou feliz em vê-lo tão fofo!!! ♡♡♡


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