martedì, aprile 10, 2012

Memories of the august 3, 2008...

Ti ricordi quando mi hai chiesto se avevo le pillole per la felicità ? 
La pillola è la vita. 
Vivi, buttati, apriti, ascoltati. 
Le tue paure, le tue ansie sono dovute al fatto che tu esisti ma non vivi. 
Sei castrata nei sentimenti. 
Sei bloccata. 
Ti ricordi quella frase di Oscar Wilde ? 
Diceva che " vivere è la cosa più rara al mondo. La maggior parte della gente esiste, e nulla più."

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  1. Beautiful poem, a great tribute to poetry month.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, I agree as a daughter it is difficult to forgive, I'm sure my mother never did, there were few English people my mother liked. And yet, many of my fathers siblings remained in England. My parents would never go to visit. Difficulties for refugees or new country members, are something someone who has not had to go through it would understand. Have a great day, hug Igor for me.

  3. The beautiful blooms go well with your poetry.

    My pills for happiness is living every day as it comes. Nothing much to think about the future except for good health!

    Have a great day Myriam! Hugs!

  4. Hi dear Myriam, lovely flowers, I guess they are from your garden. Sometimes it is more comfortable and easy just to exist and not to live, but we should do our best to live to the fullest.

    Hope you had a happy Easter together with Silvano and Igor!


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