lunedì, luglio 26, 2010

Il mio mondo dalla mia finestra...- 28 -

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Il mondo è una rosa,
fotografala e passala ad un amico !

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  1. Cara Rosa, marvelous capture and what a beautiful look at your world! Have a wonderful week! Ciao ciao, Sylvia

  2. That cloud looks like a blanket for the sunset.

  3. Spectacular, as is the photo below it.

  4. Great shot. Wonderful dark clouds in golden sky.

  5. It looks like three separate skies, and the dark, dramatic middle layer is trying to keep the lighter outer layers apart!

  6. Love the thick dark colors of the clouds with the back drop of the orange glow! Beautiful!

    Hi Myriam, thanks for stopping by and giving me advise on my kitty. Unfortunately, her medication is in liquid form. She is getting better now and we will be going back to the vet this Sunday.


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