venerdì, luglio 30, 2010

Reale cielo anomalo...- 16 -


Così il cielo appariva alle ore 20:00 PM di questa sera... a sinistra il colore arancio era talmente intenso che non si riusciva a distinguere quasi nulla... sembrava che dal cielo fosse sceso un velo...

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14 commenti:

  1. This is lovely, if I painted a sky like this it would look not right.

  2. Ciao Myriam

    Great pictures...I like this very much.

    wish you a nice weekend.

    greetings, Joop

  3. Gorgeous! love the colors of the sky. :)

    by the way, thanks for visiting my travel blog. :D

  4. great and passionate shots..congrats

  5. Fabulous shot. Wonderfully radiant sky.

  6. That is extraordinary, you captured those amazing colors perfectly.

  7. Blazing red! Love your skies!

    P.S. I bought chicken teriyaki with lots of vegetables for lunch.

  8. Unique.. very different shots..

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