domenica, luglio 04, 2010

Operai a riposo !!

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" Pensate che dovrei licenziarli senza stipendio ? "

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  1. Ahhh they've worked so hard they deserve a little rest, don't they?

    I was just looking at Martha Stewart's site and she has a dog just like Igor. On the home page there's a pic of her in a hammock cuddling with her Chow Chow dog. They are so furry that you just have to hug them!

    Hope you are having a great week, Myriam!

  2. Hi Kifus, ho visto Martha S.... molto bello anche il suo chow-chow :-))

  3. Ciao Antonio :-)
    attento a fare false promesse... il personaggio in prima fila ha sempre fame !!!

  4. I don't want to lose a capable worker like IGOR.ヾ(;´▽`A``


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