sabato, febbraio 02, 2013


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  1. He's a beautiful boy, Myriam, but I can't even see his nose and eyes in distance shots, because he's so very black all over! If there's ever a blackout (a power outage) where you are, he probably disappears entirely.
    We will be in Italy at the end of this month, and I forgot to ask you where you live. We will be in Venice, Milan, La Spezia, Siena, Naples, and then flying home from Rome.
    I am looking forward to Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii.
    We are crossing the Atlantic in a cruise ship, which has shore excursions, so we will go from the ship to Florence, Pisa, and Rome, on guided tours. The cruise ends in Venice, so we'll explore it on our own.


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