lunedì, giugno 14, 2010

My world tuesday...25

Myriam and Igor 2010

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A ciascuno e' affidato
il compito di vegliare
sulla solitudine dell'altro.

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  1. photo magnifique !!!!
    on dirait une carte postale



  2. Relaxing with your best friend. What could be better!

  3. A lovely world with your beautiful doggie friend! Hope you have a wonderful week, cara Rosa!

    ciao ciao,


  4. Such a happy and restful world with your beautiful dog.
    Happy days...

  5. Lei e il suo migliore amico guardare tanto felice. Tu sei godendo un bel giorno e siete vicini al cielo il grazioso! Enjoy the day!

  6. I love this photograph Myriam, you both seem to be so happy with one another. And I don't know if that is your home but it looks like such a serene place. One day you'll have to send me some pics of your house so that I can post them!

    Give Igor a big hug from me!


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