martedì, gennaio 04, 2011


Il buongiorno,
si vede dal mattino !

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  1. Lovely snail : )

    I would like to tell you some thing and hope you don't mind. Something about your blog is not update when you do the new post. I have the link to your blog but it shows your latest post was three month ago. You might have to check your setting.


  2. It is the same for me as for Mr. Puddy. I just link anyway, because I follow, but it does not show up after three months. And you'll have to tell me what book you are refering to, is it Musashi or something else, I couldn't understand.

  3. Hi Mr. Puddy and Irene :)
    grazie della comunicazione che mi avete dato.
    Ho provveduto subito a modificare le impostazioni nella bacheca...
    Penso che frà qualche giorno tutto dovrebbe risolversi, aggiornando giornalmente nel vostro blog il link con i miei post.
    Grazie che mi seguite.
    Buonaserata :)

  4. Love this shot - vulnerable and charming all at the same time...


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