giovedì, gennaio 13, 2011

Ricordi estivi...

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Mi scuso con tutti i miei amici blogger se in questi ultimi giorni non ho molto partecipato ai commenti nei loro blog.
Il problema è che sono molto stanca, in quanto inizio a lavorare alle 05:30 del mattino per terminare alle 20:30.
Commentare richiede molto tempo, ed io in questi giorni, non riesco a stare al computer per più di 15 minuti... il sonno e la stanchezza la sera, si fanno sentire.
Spero di poter ricominciare molto presto a dialogare con tutti voi e quindi questa stasera voglio salutare tutti i miei amici bloggers, nessuno escluso !!!
Baci e grazie che mi seguite ugualmente pur non essendo presente come vorrei.


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  1. Gorgeous clouds and such lovely blue skies! Terrific capture, cara Myriam! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Ciao ciao!


  2. Not a problem Myriam, please rest, we'll wait patiently.

  3. Another beautiful Skywatch shot. That sounds like too much work to me - I haven't worked that many hours on a regular basis in a long time!

  4. Myriam - you are working too hard! You need to rest and hope you get to do this soon. I like these rugged looking cliffs.

    Cheers and hugs!

  5. Very nice photo and lovely music too!
    I would love to hike on that mountain!

  6. no worries about comments, dearest
    u give what u can give
    nice friday

  7. Love the image! I too am hiking in Arizona mountains!

  8. Such a lovely image, love it. And I also like your music here. Thanks for sharing happy weekend!

  9. Beautiful skywatch, Myriam! I love cloud watching and this is such a pretty scene. Have a great weekend.

  10. A beautiful sky, Myriam. Not every day is as sunny as my photo at the moment because we're being affected by the same weather patterns that you might have seen have recently flooded Queensland, to the north. It's still very hot at the moment because we're in the middle of summer but because of all the rain it is very humid and feels very tropical.

  11. Looks to me like my holidays in Italy !
    No problem con i commenti ! take your time !

  12. Beautiful sky! I hope you can relax over the weekend!

  13. Oh, Myriam, you work too hard. Have plenty of rest and stay healthy!

    Look at the views around you. Its beautiful!

    Take care!

    P.S. I am still sick....


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