sabato, dicembre 04, 2010


" Hey babbo,
quanto mi piacciono le tue coccole.... posso salire anch'io sul divano ? "

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12 commenti:

  1. Such a big, beautiful dog! You must brush his hair several times a day! His fur looks so soft.

  2. Your dog looks like a beautiful big ball of fluff! Cute photo!

  3. OH MY COD !!!!!!!!!!
    I never know how big you are till today !
    I don't want to imagine when you get on the couch and lie on top of your dad. I'm worry about " Crunch Sound "

  4. Ahhh, how could anyone refuse a request from such a cutie?

  5. Sure, hop in! Who would not want to cuddle you up? :)

  6. A cat on your belly is a little lighter than you Teddy Bear, lol !

  7. Who could resist such a gorgeous fluffy dog - and I'm sure he keeps Babbo warm ;-)

  8. Such a big ball of fluff you are, Igor! And I bet Babbo loves having you close by, I know we would!!

    Sam and Mojo

  9. Big beautiful boy, Igor!
    -- Kay and Lindy

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. There doesn't seem to be that much room for him on the couch...perhaps on the bed???


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