sabato, marzo 12, 2011

Lavori quotidiani...

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E' sempre un grande piacere, quando c'è qualcun'altro che fà il lavoro al nostro posto, no ?

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  1. Here it's the rain, lol ! no need for a man !

  2. This is true. Unfortunately, it seems to be me who does everyone else's work around my house!

  3. Of course ! I always feel great when my mom change my litter : ) Thanks COD !!! I'm only a cat, I don't need to do any job : ) I think Igor feel the same way as me !


    PS : Your Creeper Plant is so beautiful !

  4. Hi Puddy :))
    hai ragione, Igor la pensa proprio come te !!!
    Baci ed abbracci Myriam ;)

  5. Your plant is beautiful, as your post about this wonderful artist. Thank You for stopping by. Daniel is my oldest son, he is 25yrs. old.

  6. He keeps the plants healthy and watered!

    Myriam, California is beautiful. Good weather and nice views, urban and rural.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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