sabato, marzo 19, 2011

Open letter...

Open letter to :

Colonel Muammar el Qaddafi

Once you took power, I was 21 years old
and I thought then that you were the right person
to lead Arab revolutions and emancipation's.
Especially because you named yourself as
the son of El Raiss Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Since then everything you have done was hasty
unprepared, childish and spontaneous...
42 years later, I claim that I matured, ( a bit),
and you did not.
Ernesto CHE Guevara won the revolution
and refused to use the throne,
instead, he picked up his gun again
and continued his mission.
As for you my Colonel,
you decided to become a photo-model
and an immature despot.
A pseudo-arachist, but a narcist !!
Who even wrote a book
which you cannot read it by yourlsef.
During my Lebanese civil war,
we could not decide who was worse:
your own mercenaries or those of the Mossad´s ??
Indeed you were generous to almost
all revolutions and all liberation movements
but after all you were awfuly rich.... anyhow !!!
Most of things you have done
might be forgiven, if and when
you did not choose your own successors
who are your own sons.....................
This choice of sucessor, made you as an equal
to the King of Jordan, the king of Marrocco
and Bahrain.......not to forget the Gulf princes.
When you liberated Libya, my Colonel ,
why did you then put Libya in your own testament ???
Did Ho Chi Minh do that ??
Did the "Che" do that ??
Did Prophet Mohammad do that ??
Your people have spoken : They want you not !!!!
If you loved Libya so much, let it breath !!
and if you loved yourself as well, stand a trial !!

Raja Chemayel

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