giovedì, settembre 23, 2010

Sbruffi di panna...

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Con chi stà fermo il tempo ?
Con gli uomini di legge quando sono in ferie, perché essi dormono fra una sessione e l'altra, e non s'accorgono che il tempo si muove.

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  1. It's so beautiful and it does remind me of whipped cream. :)

  2. Yes, one could say that; I like those white, thick summer clouds.

  3. Oh, so lovely, cara, Rosa! And, yes, whipped cream clouds! And lovely hills as well! ciao ciao


  4. Fantastic view of the cloudy blue sky over the mountains.

  5. What a beautiful sky! I love the airline pointing out of the fluffy clouds. That definitely looks like summer isn't quite over yet.

  6. Beautiful clouds! They are as soft as cotton!

  7. Wonderful view. I love how those clouds seem to be playing hide and seek behind the hill top! Happy skywatching!


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