lunedì, settembre 13, 2010


Non sò voi, amici bloggers,
ma in questa foto guardando la nuvola sopra la montagna, io ci vedo una faccia...
occhi, naso, bocca e un braccio alzato in segno di saluto...
Voi riuscite a vederlo ?

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10 commenti:

  1. aloha rosa,

    these are so beautiful scenes of your countryside, it feels like fall is coming soon :)

    my tuesday tour of a hike to the lava on my sari blog.

  2. What a lovely look at your beautiful world, Rosa! Hope you have a great week!


  3. The clouds and trees are lovely. I bet the air is wonderfully fresh!

  4. The skies are beautiful over the tree tops in your world, Rosa.
    Have a Happy week.

  5. definitely! he looks like he is swimming with one arm raised and his face turned to breathe.

  6. Это Пьеро из вашей итальянской сказки "Приключения Пиннокио"!

  7. Nice shot! I see a beautiful face of a cherub! Her eyes are so captivating!


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