venerdì, maggio 28, 2010

My Prince... I ♥ your blue eyes...

Him is only passion
Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day
Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
When the morning comes
I'll be far away
And I say
Blue eyes
Holding back the tears
Holding back the pain
Baby's got blue eyes
And she's alone again
Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
Watching over me
Blue eyes
I love blue eyes
When I'm by her side
Where I long to be
I will see
Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And I am home, and I am home again


Roma, 24 maggio:
- Principe di status e del box office: questo weekend " Prince of Persia: Le sabbie del tempo ", il film di Mike Newell, con un incredibile Jake Gyllenhaal, ha registrato l’incasso più alto con un milione 518 mila euro e la media per sala di 2 mila 770 euro su 548 schermi, per un totale in 5 giorni ( è uscito il 19 maggio ) di 2 milioni 37 mila euro.

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  1. My Sweet Husband has lovely blue eyes. He took me to Rome at the begining of the month and I have a new appriciation of all things Italian. It is nice to find your blog,

  2. Hi Kat, grazie che ti piaccia aver trovato il mio blog...
    Welcome :-)


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