martedì, maggio 18, 2010

JGy :-)

Non avendo logicamente l'acqua della piscina a mia disposizione (perchè non ho una piscina !), la inserisco nel blog, affinchè né possa almeno godere della vista... però da noi, il tempo ancora non si decide di far entrare aria calda....
Hey Jake, posso venire a casa tua ?

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  1. I love the reflection you were able to capture in the pool. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Hi Myriam! Ohhh the nose!! I can just feel it smelling me! Love your new header, I suppose that nose belongs to your dog, doesn't it?

    Hey, I talked to Jake the other day and he said sure, you're invited to his home and to his pool and don't forget to wear your bikini!

    Have a lovely day and sweet dreams with your Jake!


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