sabato, maggio 15, 2010

Immagini di sabato...

Scenic Sunday

I kown a love that will never grow old...

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  1. What a fantastic field. The clouds seems to be close to the ground :)

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  3. What a beautiful field of green! I see specks of white wild flowers!

    What a beautiful day!

  4. Hi Ebie, questa foto è di sabato scorso in montagna... oggi quì da me, in città, il tempo è bruttissimo... piove e c'è il vento !
    A LA che tempo fà ?

  5. How very lovely. Your wildflowers look a little different than the ones we have growing in our fields. This has been a very good year for English Daisies and Veronica. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary


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