martedì, aprile 06, 2010


Salve bloggers, oggi vi voglio presentare da vicino il mare Adriatico ...Spero che vi piaccia, come piace a me !

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  1. The water looks like it is moving in so quietly and gently! Thanks for the visit.

  2. Wow! Its beautiful, I love the coastline.

    P.S. That's all I have of the San Andreas Fault. But I have lots of other landscapes! This weekend I am going to the flower fields (ranunculus flowers)

  3. Grazie Ebie sei sempre molto gentile !!

    Hello Linnea, thank you so much !

    Buona giornata bloggers !!

  4. Beautiful scenes! Love the water.
    Happy weekend Rosa.

  5. Smile for you Regina.
    Happy weekend to you :-)


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